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CWE CATEGORY: Permissions, Privileges, and Access Controls

Category ID: 264
Status: Incomplete
+ Summary
Weaknesses in this category are related to the management of permissions, privileges, and other security features that are used to perform access control.
+ Membership
MemberOfCategoryCategory2547PK - Security Features
MemberOfCategoryCategory2547PK - Security Features
MemberOfViewView635Weaknesses Originally Used by NVD from 2008 to 2016
HasMemberCategoryCategory265Privilege / Sandbox Issues
HasMemberCategoryCategory275Permission Issues
HasMemberClassClass282Improper Ownership Management
HasMemberClassClass284Improper Access Control
HasMemberClassClass284Improper Access Control
HasMemberBaseBase749Exposed Dangerous Method or Function
+ References
[REF-7] Michael Howard and David LeBlanc. "Writing Secure Code". Chapter 7, "How Tokens, Privileges, SIDs, ACLs, and Processes Relate" Page 218. 2nd Edition. Microsoft Press. 2002-12-04. <>.
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