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“Out-Of-Bounds Read” is the CWE/CAPEC Program’s free podcast devoted to helping the community that protects systems by understanding weaknesses and attack patterns in software and hardware. Listen now on YouTube or as an MP3 below. Other podcast platforms coming soon.

Out of Bounds Read podcast episode 1 - What Is CWE, Why Is It Important, and How Can It Help Me?
What Is CWE, Why Is It Important, and How Can It Help Me? - Episode 1   
YouTube | MP3

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Out-of-Bounds Read, the CWE/CAPEC Program podcast!

In episode 1, Steve Battista of the CWE/CAPEC Program interviews Steve Christey Coley, the CWE/CAPEC Program Technical Lead, about what Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE™) is and the problem it aims to solve, who can benefit from CWE and how to leverage it, the role of the community, how CWE has evolved over time, and possibilities for the future.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

CWE/CAPEC on Twitter
CWE Submissions Form & Guidelines
Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS)
U.S. National Vulnerability Database’s (NVD) CVSS calculator

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