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CWE VIEW: DEPRECATED: Resource-specific Weaknesses

View ID: 631
Deprecated Type: Graph
Status: Deprecated
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+ Objective
This view has been deprecated because it is not actively maintained and does not provide utility to stakeholders. It was originally created before CWE 1.0 as a simple example of how views could be structured within CWE.
+ Relationships
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631 - DEPRECATED: Resource-specific Weaknesses
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CWEs in this viewTotal CWEs
Weaknesses0out of 714
Categories0out of 237
Views0out of 31
Total0out of982
+ Content History
Modification DateModifierOrganization
2008-09-08CWE Content TeamMITRE
updated Relationships, View_Structure
2017-01-19CWE Content TeamMITRE
updated Relationships
2017-11-08CWE Content TeamMITRE
updated Description, Name, Relationships, Type
Previous Entry Names
Change DatePrevious Entry Name
2017-11-08Resource-specific Weaknesses

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