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CWE CATEGORY: SFP Primary Cluster: Unused entities

Category ID: 886
Status: Incomplete
+ Summary
This category identifies Software Fault Patterns (SFPs) within the Unused entities cluster.
+ Membership
MemberOfViewView888Software Fault Pattern (SFP) Clusters
HasMemberVariantVariant482Comparing instead of Assigning
HasMemberVariantVariant561Dead Code
HasMemberVariantVariant563Assignment to Variable without Use
+ Content History
Submission DateSubmitterOrganization
2012-03-22CWE Content TeamMITRE
Modification DateModifierOrganization
2014-07-30CWE Content TeamMITRE
updated Name
Previous Entry Names
Change DatePrevious Entry Name
2014-07-31SFP Cluster: Unused entities

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