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CWE CATEGORY: SFP Secondary Cluster: Design

Category ID: 977
Status: Incomplete
+ Summary
This category identifies Software Fault Patterns (SFPs) within the Design cluster.
+ Membership
MemberOfCategoryCategory907SFP Primary Cluster: Other
HasMemberBaseBase115Misinterpretation of Input
HasMemberBaseBase187Partial Comparison
HasMemberBaseBase188Reliance on Data/Memory Layout
HasMemberBaseBase193Off-by-one Error
HasMemberBaseBase349Acceptance of Extraneous Untrusted Data With Trusted Data
HasMemberClassClass405Asymmetric Resource Consumption (Amplification)
HasMemberBaseBase406Insufficient Control of Network Message Volume (Network Amplification)
HasMemberBaseBase407Algorithmic Complexity
HasMemberBaseBase408Incorrect Behavior Order: Early Amplification
HasMemberBaseBase409Improper Handling of Highly Compressed Data (Data Amplification)
HasMemberBaseBase410Insufficient Resource Pool
HasMemberBaseBase430Deployment of Wrong Handler
HasMemberBaseBase462Duplicate Key in Associative List (Alist)
HasMemberBaseBase463Deletion of Data Structure Sentinel
HasMemberBaseBase464Addition of Data Structure Sentinel
HasMemberBaseBase480Use of Incorrect Operator
HasMemberVariantVariant483Incorrect Block Delimitation
HasMemberBaseBase581Object Model Violation: Just One of Equals and Hashcode Defined
HasMemberBaseBase595Comparison of Object References Instead of Object Contents
HasMemberBaseBase596Incorrect Semantic Object Comparison
HasMemberBaseBase618Exposed Unsafe ActiveX Method
HasMemberBaseBase648Incorrect Use of Privileged APIs
HasMemberClassClass670Always-Incorrect Control Flow Implementation
HasMemberClassClass682Incorrect Calculation
HasMemberClassClass691Insufficient Control Flow Management
HasMemberClassClass696Incorrect Behavior Order
HasMemberClassClass697Insufficient Comparison
HasMemberBaseBase698Execution After Redirect (EAR)
HasMemberClassClass705Incorrect Control Flow Scoping
+ Content History
Submission DateSubmitterOrganization
2014-07-29CWE Content TeamMITRE

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