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CWE-365: DEPRECATED: Race Condition in Switch

Weakness ID: 365
Abstraction: Base
Structure: Simple
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+ Description
This entry has been deprecated. There are no documented cases in which a switch's control expression is evaluated more than once.
+ Extended Description
It is likely that this entry was initially created based on a misinterpretation of the original source material. The original source intended to explain how switches could be unpredictable when using threads, if the control expressions used data or variables that could change between execution of different threads. That weakness is already covered by CWE-367. Despite the ambiguity in the documentation for some languages and compilers, in practice, they all evaluate the switch control expression only once. If future languages state that the code explicitly evaluates the control expression more than once, then this would not be a weakness, but the language performing as designed.
+ Vulnerability Mapping Notes

Usage: Prohibited

(this CWE ID must not be used to map to real-world vulnerabilities)

Reason: Deprecated


This CWE has been deprecated.


See description and name for possible suggestions of other CWEs to consider.
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(CWE Draft 3, 2006-07-19)
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2022-03-31Yongchool Ryu, MathWorks; Roberto Bagnara, BUGSENG; Guido Persch, Imagix; John Blattner, Imagix; Paul Anderson, GrammaTech; Fulvio Baccaglini; John Viega; Robert Seacord; Members of the CWE-Research mailing list, including Jonathan Hood and Steve Grubb; Commenters on Twitter, including Patricia Aas, Myria, Richard Barrell, and others
Many members of the CWE community contributed important feedback supporting deprecation of this entry. The contribution date reflects the first public request for comment; much feedback was received both before and after that date.
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2008-07-01Eric DalciCigital
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2022-04-28Race Condition in Switch
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