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CWE-520: .NET Misconfiguration: Use of Impersonation

Weakness ID: 520
Abstraction: Variant
Status: Incomplete
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+ Description

Description Summary

Allowing a .NET application to run at potentially escalated levels of access to the underlying operating and file systems can be dangerous and result in various forms of attacks.

Extended Description

.NET server applications can optionally execute using the identity of the user authenticated to the client. The intention of this functionality is to bypass authentication and access control checks within the .NET application code. Authentication is done by the underlying web server (Microsoft Internet Information Service IIS), which passes the authenticated token, or unauthenticated anonymous token, to the .NET application. Using the token to impersonate the client, the application then relies on the settings within the NTFS directories and files to control access. Impersonation enables the application, on the server running the .NET application, to both execute code and access resources in the context of the authenticated and authorized user.

+ Time of Introduction
  • Architecture and Design
  • Implementation
  • Operation
+ Common Consequences
Access Control

Technical Impact: Gain privileges / assume identity

+ Potential Mitigations

Phase: Operation

Run the application with limited privilege to the underlying operating and file system.

+ Relationships
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ChildOfWeakness BaseWeakness Base266Incorrect Privilege Assignment
Research Concepts (primary)1000
ChildOfCategoryCategory519.NET Environment Issues
Development Concepts (primary)699
ChildOfCategoryCategory901SFP Primary Cluster: Privilege
Software Fault Pattern (SFP) Clusters (primary)888
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