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CWE-72: Improper Handling of Apple HFS+ Alternate Data Stream Path

Weakness ID: 72
Abstraction: Variant
Structure: Simple
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+ Description
The software does not properly handle special paths that may identify the data or resource fork of a file on the HFS+ file system.
+ Extended Description
If the software chooses actions to take based on the file name, then if an attacker provides the data or resource fork, the software may take unexpected actions. Further, if the software intends to restrict access to a file, then an attacker might still be able to bypass intended access restrictions by requesting the data or resource fork for that file.
+ Relationships
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+ Relevant to the view "Research Concepts" (CWE-1000)
ChildOfBaseBase - a weakness that is still mostly independent of a resource or technology, but with sufficient details to provide specific methods for detection and prevention. Base level weaknesses typically describe issues in terms of 2 or 3 of the following dimensions: behavior, property, technology, language, and resource.66Improper Handling of File Names that Identify Virtual Resources
+ Background Details

The Apple HFS+ file system permits files to have multiple data input streams, accessible through special paths. The Mac OS X operating system provides a way to access the different data input streams through special paths and as an extended attribute:

- Resource fork: file/..namedfork/rsrc, file/rsrc (deprecated),
- Data fork: file/..namedfork/data (only versions prior to Mac OS X v10.5)

Additionally, on filesystems that lack native support for multiple streams, the resource fork and file metadata may be stored in a file with "._" prepended to the name.

Forks can also be accessed through non-portable APIs.

Forks inherit the file system access controls of the file they belong to.

Programs need to control access to these paths, if the processing of a file system object is dependent on the structure of its path.

+ Modes Of Introduction
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Architecture and Design
+ Applicable Platforms
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Class: Not Language-Specific (Undetermined Prevalence)

Operating Systems

Class: macOS (Undetermined Prevalence)

+ Common Consequences
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Technical Impact: Read Files or Directories; Modify Files or Directories

+ Demonstrative Examples

Example 1

A web server that interprets FILE.cgi as processing instructions could disclose the source code for FILE.cgi by requesting FILE.cgi/..namedfork/data. This might occur because the web server invokes the default handler which may return the contents of the file.

+ Observed Examples
Server allows remote attackers to read files and resource fork content via HTTP requests to certain special file names related to multiple data streams in HFS+.
+ Memberships
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+ Notes


This and similar problems exist because the same resource can have multiple identifiers that dictate which behavior can be performed on the resource.

Research Gap

+ References
[REF-578] NetSec. "NetSec Security Advisory: Multiple Vulnerabilities Resulting From Use Of Apple OSX HFS+". BugTraq. 2005-02-16. <>.
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2008-11-24Apple HFS+ Alternate Data Stream
2009-05-27Failure to Handle Apple HFS+ Alternate Data Stream Path
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