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CWE VIEW: DEPRECATED: Weaknesses without Software Fault Patterns

View ID: 999
Vulnerability Mapping: PROHIBITEDThis CWE ID must not be used to map to real-world vulnerabilities
Type: Implicit
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This view has been deprecated. It was based on gaps in another view (CWE-888) related to research that is no longer updated, but was complete with respect to CWE at the time it was conducted.
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(this CWE ID must not be used to map to real-world vulnerabilities)

Reason: Deprecated


This CWE has been deprecated. It is also a View.


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Weaknesses0out of 938
Categories0out of 374
Views0out of 50
Total0out of1362
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Submission DateSubmitterOrganization
(CWE 2.8, 2014-07-31)
CWE Content TeamMITRE
+ Contributions
Contribution DateContributorOrganization
2022-07-21Djenana CamparaKDM Analytics
suggested that there were errors in this view (leading to changes in taxonomy mappings in some entries), and that this view was outdated, leading to the decision to deprecate
+ Modifications
Modification DateModifierOrganization
2019-01-03CWE Content TeamMITRE
updated View_Filter
2020-02-24CWE Content TeamMITRE
updated View_Audience
2022-10-13CWE Content TeamMITRE
updated Description, Name, Type, View_Audience, View_Filter
2023-06-29CWE Content TeamMITRE
updated Mapping_Notes
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2022-10-13Weaknesses without Software Fault Patterns
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