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Schema Differences between Version 6.1 and Version 6.2

Version 6.1 Schema File: cwe_schema_v6.1.xsd -> Version 6.2 Schema File: cwe_schema_v6.2.xsd

Minor changes from 6.1 --> 6.2:

Modified documentation within the schema to not be restricted to software.

Removed Paradigm element from Applicable_Platforms.

Technology Class enumeration inherited values from the Paradigm element and previous Technology Name enumeration list.

Technology Name enumeration expanded with new values to represent different semiconductor intellectual property (IP) core types.

Added "Pillar" to the AbstractionEnumeration.

Added "Verilog" and "VHDL" to the LanguageNameEnumeration.

Added "Integration" and "Manufacturing" to the PhaseEnumeration.

Added "Hardware Designers" and removed "Software Vendors" from the StakeholderEnumeration. Minor renaming of other enumeration values to make more abstract.

Page Last Updated: February 20, 2020