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Calendar of Events - 2015 Archive

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Upcoming & Recent
Upcoming & Recent
Date Event Location Description
Dec 10 2015 Industrial Internet West Coast Forum San Diego, California, USA "Beyond the Hype: Deploying the Industrial IoT in the Real World" discussion panel
Dec 3 2015 Software and Supply Chain Assurance Winter Working Group 2015 Washington, DC, USA "CWE/CAPEC - How Can We Better Use Scoring Systems (CVSS, CWSS, CWE 3.0)" briefing
Oct 27 2015 MISRA & Security Best Practices – PRQA Fall Seminar Dearborn, Michigan, USA "CWE/CAPEC - Prioritizing Security Vulnerabilities and Focused Testing" and "CWE/CAPEC - Capturing and Communicating Assurance" briefings
Oct 19 2015 Open Group Enabling Boundaryless Information Flow Edinburgh, UK "CWE/CAPEC - Prioritizing Security Vulnerabilities and Gaining Assurance briefing
Oct 15 2015 CISQ Webcast: "Latest Advances in Cybersecurity and the NEW CISQ Security Standard" Webinar; 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT Free and open to the public, but registration is required; CWE a discussion topic
Oct 1-31 2015 National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) United States Topics: raise awareness about cybersecurity and increase resiliency in event of a cyber incident
Aug 31-Sep 2 2015 Software and Supply Chain Assurance Fall Forum 2015 Washington, DC USA "CWE/CAPEC - Integrated Analysis/Reporting of Multiple Tools" briefing & "CWE/CAPEC - Clarity & Conciseness in Due Diligence Relevant Communications" briefing
Jun 3 2015 Software and Supply Chain Assurance Summer Working Group 2015 Washington, DC USA "CWE/CAPEC - Supply Chain Risk Scoring Systems: Lessons Learned with CVSS/CWSS" briefing
Mar 24 2015 CISQ Seminar - Measuring and Managing Software Risk, Security, and Technical Debt Reston, Virginia, USA "CWE/CAPEC - Latest Advances in Assurance Regarding Cybersecurity Weaknesses" briefing
Mar 11 2015 Software and Supply Chain Assurance Spring Forum 2015 Washington, DC USA "CWE/CAPEC - Capturing and Communicating Assurance with Standards" briefing
Feb 2 2015 Open Group Conference 2015 San Diego, California, USA "CWE/CAPEC - Building a Software Assurance Road-map and Using It Effectivel" briefing
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