Common Weakness Enumeration

A community-developed list of SW & HW weaknesses that can become vulnerabilities

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CWE Most Important Hardware Weaknesses
CWE Top 25 Most Dangerous Weaknesses
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The publicly available methodologies included here—Prioritization, CWSS, CWRAF, and the Top 25—help the community leverage the information in the CWE List in actionable ways to improve the quality of their products and/or the security of their enterprises.

Getting Started in Software Assurance (SwA)

Introduces specific steps you can take to (1) assess your individual software assurance situation, and (2) compose a tailored plan to strengthen assurance of integrity, reliability, and resilience of your software and its supply chain.

Working Documents

Includes all currently available CWE working documents.

Short-Term Strategy for CWE Community Feedback

For Fall 2007, MITRE's short-term strategy for obtaining CWE community feedback.

Discussion of Issues in CWE Draft 6

A summary of the main overall issues in CWE Draft 6.

Managing Node Restructuring in CWE

Major Discussion Points for CWE Content

Major discussion points identified that could have a significant impact on future versions of CWE.

CWE Usage Scenarios

CWE Stakeholder Analysis

CWE Views

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