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Make a Declaration
Make a Declaration

To begin the declaration process, send an email to requesting a Declaration Form along with your organization name, contact information, the type of product, and the name of the product or service. You will receive specific instructions for completing and submitting additional information as the process continues.

Summary of the process:

  1. Review the CWE Compatibility and Effectiveness Program description and the "Requirements and Recommendations for CWE Compatibility and CWE Effectiveness" document posted on the CWE Web site.
  2. Email and request the "CWE Compatibility Declaration Form."
  3. Review Authority emails you the declaration form.
  4. Complete the form and return it to
  5. The form is reviewed by the Review Authority and the product or service is added to the list of Declarations to be CWE-Compatible on the CWE Web site.
Page Last Updated: March 18, 2010