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CWE-674: Uncontrolled Recursion

Uncontrolled Recursion
Weakness ID: 674 (Weakness Base)Status: Draft
+ Description

Description Summary

The product does not properly control the amount of recursion that takes place, which consumes excessive resources, such as allocated memory or the program stack.
+ Alternate Terms
Stack Exhaustion
+ Time of Introduction
  • Architecture and Design
  • Implementation
+ Applicable Platforms



+ Common Consequences

Technical Impact: DoS: resource consumption (CPU); DoS: resource consumption (memory)

Resources including CPU, memory, and stack memory could be rapidly consumed or exhausted, eventually leading to an exit or crash.

Technical Impact: Read application data

In some cases, an application's interpreter might kill a process or thread that appears to be consuming too much resources, such as with PHP's memory_limit setting. When the interpreter kills the process/thread, it might report an error containing detailed information such as the application's installation path.

+ Observed Examples
Deeply nested arrays trigger stack exhaustion.
Self-referencing pointers create infinite loop and resultant stack exhaustion.
+ Potential Mitigations

Phase: Implementation

Limit the number of recursive calls to a reasonable number.

+ Relationships
NatureTypeIDNameView(s) this relationship pertains toView(s)
ChildOfCategoryCategory361Time and State
Development Concepts (primary)699
ChildOfCategoryCategory730OWASP Top Ten 2004 Category A9 - Denial of Service
Weaknesses in OWASP Top Ten (2004) (primary)711
ChildOfWeakness BaseWeakness Base834Excessive Iteration
Research Concepts (primary)1000
ChildOfCategoryCategory892SFP Cluster: Resource Management
Software Fault Pattern (SFP) Clusters (primary)888
ParentOfWeakness VariantWeakness Variant776Improper Restriction of Recursive Entity References in DTDs ('XML Entity Expansion')
Development Concepts (primary)699
Research Concepts (primary)1000
MemberOfViewView884CWE Cross-section
CWE Cross-section (primary)884
+ Affected Resources
  • CPU
+ Taxonomy Mappings
Mapped Taxonomy NameNode IDFitMapped Node Name
OWASP Top Ten 2004A9Denial of Service
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