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CWE-703: Improper Check or Handling of Exceptional Conditions

Weakness ID: 703
Abstraction: Class
Status: Incomplete
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+ Description

Description Summary

The software does not properly anticipate or handle exceptional conditions that rarely occur during normal operation of the software.
+ Time of Introduction
  • Architecture and Design
  • Implementation
  • Operation
+ Applicable Platforms



+ Common Consequences

Technical Impact: Read application data; DoS: crash / exit / restart; Unexpected state

+ Detection Methods

Dynamic Analysis with manual results interpretation

According to SOAR, the following detection techniques may be useful:

Highly cost effective:

  • Fault Injection - source code

  • Fault Injection - binary

Cost effective for partial coverage:

  • Forced Path Execution

Effectiveness: SOAR High

Manual Static Analysis - Source Code

According to SOAR, the following detection techniques may be useful:

Highly cost effective:

  • Manual Source Code Review (not inspections)

Cost effective for partial coverage:

  • Focused Manual Spotcheck - Focused manual analysis of source

Effectiveness: SOAR High

Automated Static Analysis - Source Code

According to SOAR, the following detection techniques may be useful:

Cost effective for partial coverage:

  • Source code Weakness Analyzer

  • Context-configured Source Code Weakness Analyzer

Effectiveness: SOAR Partial

Architecture / Design Review

According to SOAR, the following detection techniques may be useful:

Highly cost effective:

  • Inspection (IEEE 1028 standard) (can apply to requirements, design, source code, etc.)

  • Formal Methods / Correct-By-Construction

Effectiveness: SOAR High

+ Relationships
NatureTypeIDNameView(s) this relationship pertains toView(s)
ChildOfCategoryCategory388Error Handling
Development Concepts (primary)699
ChildOfCategoryCategory851CERT Java Secure Coding Section 06 - Exceptional Behavior (ERR)
Weaknesses Addressed by the CERT Java Secure Coding Standard (primary)844
ChildOfCategoryCategory876CERT C++ Secure Coding Section 08 - Memory Management (MEM)
Weaknesses Addressed by the CERT C++ Secure Coding Standard868
ChildOfCategoryCategory880CERT C++ Secure Coding Section 12 - Exceptions and Error Handling (ERR)
Weaknesses Addressed by the CERT C++ Secure Coding Standard (primary)868
ChildOfCategoryCategory961SFP Secondary Cluster: Incorrect Exception Behavior
Software Fault Pattern (SFP) Clusters (primary)888
ParentOfWeakness BaseWeakness Base166Improper Handling of Missing Special Element
Research Concepts1000
ParentOfWeakness BaseWeakness Base167Improper Handling of Additional Special Element
Research Concepts1000
ParentOfWeakness BaseWeakness Base168Improper Handling of Inconsistent Special Elements
Research Concepts1000
ParentOfWeakness ClassWeakness Class228Improper Handling of Syntactically Invalid Structure
Research Concepts1000
ParentOfWeakness BaseWeakness Base248Uncaught Exception
Research Concepts1000
ParentOfWeakness BaseWeakness Base274Improper Handling of Insufficient Privileges
Research Concepts (primary)1000
ParentOfWeakness BaseWeakness Base280Improper Handling of Insufficient Permissions or Privileges
Research Concepts (primary)1000
ParentOfWeakness VariantWeakness Variant333Improper Handling of Insufficient Entropy in TRNG
Research Concepts1000
ParentOfWeakness BaseWeakness Base391Unchecked Error Condition
Research Concepts (primary)1000
ParentOfWeakness BaseWeakness Base392Missing Report of Error Condition
Research Concepts1000
ParentOfWeakness BaseWeakness Base393Return of Wrong Status Code
Research Concepts1000
ParentOfWeakness BaseWeakness Base397Declaration of Throws for Generic Exception
Research Concepts1000
ParentOfWeakness ClassWeakness Class754Improper Check for Unusual or Exceptional Conditions
Development Concepts (primary)699
Research Concepts (primary)1000
ParentOfWeakness ClassWeakness Class755Improper Handling of Exceptional Conditions
Development Concepts (primary)699
Research Concepts (primary)1000
MemberOfViewView1000Research Concepts
Research Concepts (primary)1000
+ Relationship Notes

This is a high-level class that might have some overlap with other classes. It could be argued that even "normal" weaknesses such as buffer overflows involve unusual or exceptional conditions. In that sense, this might be an inherent aspect of most other weaknesses within CWE, similar to API Abuse (CWE-227) and Indicator of Poor Code Quality (CWE-398). However, this entry is currently intended to unify disparate concepts that do not have other places within the Research Concepts view (CWE-1000).

+ Taxonomy Mappings
Mapped Taxonomy NameNode IDFitMapped Node Name
CERT Java Secure CodingERR06-JDo not throw undeclared checked exceptions
CERT C++ Secure CodingMEM32-CPPDetect and handle memory allocation errors
CERT C++ Secure CodingERR39-CPPGuarantee exception safety
+ References
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Taimur Aslam, Ivan Krsul and Eugene H. Spafford. "Use of A Taxonomy of Security Faults". 1995-08-01. <>.
[REF-17] Michael Howard, David LeBlanc and John Viega. "24 Deadly Sins of Software Security". "Sin 8: C++ Catastrophes." Page 143. McGraw-Hill. 2010.
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2010-12-13Failure to Handle Exceptional Conditions

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