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CWE CATEGORY: SFP Secondary Cluster: Glitch in Computation

Category ID: 998
Status: Incomplete
+ Summary
This category identifies Software Fault Patterns (SFPs) within the Glitch in Computation cluster.
+ Membership
MemberOfCategoryCategory885SFP Primary Cluster: Risky Values
HasMemberBaseBase128Wrap-around Error
HasMemberBaseBase190Integer Overflow or Wraparound
HasMemberBaseBase191Integer Underflow (Wrap or Wraparound)
HasMemberBaseBase194Unexpected Sign Extension
HasMemberVariantVariant195Signed to Unsigned Conversion Error
HasMemberVariantVariant196Unsigned to Signed Conversion Error
HasMemberBaseBase197Numeric Truncation Error
HasMemberBaseBase369Divide By Zero
HasMemberBaseBase456Missing Initialization of a Variable
HasMemberVariantVariant457Use of Uninitialized Variable
HasMemberBaseBase466Return of Pointer Value Outside of Expected Range
HasMemberBaseBase468Incorrect Pointer Scaling
HasMemberBaseBase475Undefined Behavior for Input to API
HasMemberVariantVariant481Assigning instead of Comparing
HasMemberVariantVariant486Comparison of Classes by Name
HasMemberBaseBase562Return of Stack Variable Address
HasMemberVariantVariant570Expression is Always False
HasMemberVariantVariant571Expression is Always True
HasMemberVariantVariant579J2EE Bad Practices: Non-serializable Object Stored in Session
HasMemberBaseBase587Assignment of a Fixed Address to a Pointer
HasMemberVariantVariant594J2EE Framework: Saving Unserializable Objects to Disk
HasMemberVariantVariant597Use of Wrong Operator in String Comparison
HasMemberBaseBase628Function Call with Incorrectly Specified Arguments
HasMemberClassClass681Incorrect Conversion between Numeric Types
HasMemberVariantVariant683Function Call With Incorrect Order of Arguments
HasMemberVariantVariant685Function Call With Incorrect Number of Arguments
HasMemberVariantVariant686Function Call With Incorrect Argument Type
HasMemberVariantVariant687Function Call With Incorrectly Specified Argument Value
HasMemberVariantVariant688Function Call With Incorrect Variable or Reference as Argument
HasMemberClassClass704Incorrect Type Conversion or Cast
HasMemberVariantVariant768Incorrect Short Circuit Evaluation
+ Content History
Submission DateSubmitterOrganization
2014-07-29CWE Content TeamMITRE

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