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A community-developed list of SW & HW weaknesses that can become vulnerabilities

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CWRAF Change Log

DateDocument VersionNotes
April 3, 2013 0.8.3

fixed various links

fixed typos in CWRAF data

July 3, 2012 0.8.2

additional restructuring of pages with modified presentation

improved formatting of overview matrix

June 1, 2012 0.8.1

separated main CWRAF document version .8 into separate topic-specific pages

June 27, 2011 0.8

Added section on how to create a vignette.

Minor edits to document.

Raised version number to synchronize with CWSS and reflect level of maturity.

Various modifications to vignette data.

April 26, 2011 0.4

First version using CWRAF acronym (version number synchronized with CWSS version).

Extracted and refined the relevant CWRAF content from the CWSS 0.3 white paper.

Created abstraction of Technical Impact enumeration (8 factors instead of the original 16).

Integrated layers into Technical Impact Scorecard.

Clarified use of CWRAF for building custom Top-N lists.

Defined XML schema for the concepts.

Created or refined multiple vignettes, domains, and technology groups.

Created various pictures to improve understanding.

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