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CWRAF - Vignette Overview Matrix

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CWRAF version: 0.8.3

Date: April 3, 2013

CWRAF - Vignette Overview Matrix
CWRAF - Vignette Overview Matrix

This matrix provides an overview of the vignettes that are being actively defined within CWRAF, as summarized based on their domains and technology groups.

Tech Groups / Business Domainsbanking- financechemicalecommemerg- svcenergyevotinghuman- resnatl- defensepub- healthsoc- mediatelecom
Web Applicationsfin-trade, e-bankingretail-wwwsmart-meter, smart-grid-RUS, smart-grid-gw, reg-elec, scada-hist, web-scada-hmielec-abs-int, evoting-Internet, corp-voteemp-compmed-billing, med-devicesoc-net, elec-datetel-ras, web-mail
Real-Time Embedded Systemssmart-meter, smart-grid-RUS, smart-grid-gwevoting-DREweap-sensormed-device
Control Systemschem-flowsmart-meter, smart-grid-RUS, smart-grid-gw, reg-elec, scada-hist, web-scada-hmi
End-Point Computing Devicesfirst-respmed-device
Database & Storage Systemse-bankingretail-wwwscada-hist, web-scada-hmievoting-DREemp-compmed-billing
Operating Systemsretail-wwwweb-scada-hmielec-abs-int, evoting-Internet, corp-votemed-billing, med-device
Identity Management Systems
Enterprise Systems & Applicationse-bankingretail-wwwscada-hist, web-scada-hmielec-abs-int, evoting-Internet, corp-voteemp-compmed-billing, med-device
Cloud Computing
Enterprise Security Products
Network Communicationsweb-scada-hmievoting-DRE, evoting-Internet
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