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CWRAF Vignette Details - Domain emerg-svc

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CWRAF version: 0.8.3

Date: April 3, 2013

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Bob Martin (MITRE)

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Steve Christey (MITRE)
CWRAF Vignettes - emerg-svc
CWRAF Vignettes - emerg-svc

Within the Common Weakness Risk Analysis Framework (CWRAF), a vignette provides a shareable, formalized way to define a particular environment, the role that software plays within that environment, and an organization's priorities with respect to software security. It identifies essential resources and capabilities, as well as their importance relative to security principles such as confidentiality, integrity, and availability. For example, in an e-commerce context, 99.999% uptime may be a strong business requirement that drives the interpretation of the severity of discovered weaknesses.

Vignettes allow CWSS to support diverse audiences who may have different requirements for how to prioritize weaknesses. CWSS scoring can occur within the context of a vignette.

This page currently contains details for 1 vignettes within the "emerg-svc" domain. These are illustrative only; the CWRAF community will help to refine these and develop others. Feedback is welcome.

Vignette Summary
Vignette Summary
First ResponderFirst responder (such as fire, police, and emergency medical personnel) for a disaster or catastrophe.
Vignette Details
Vignette Details

Vignette Definition: First Responder

NameFirst Responder
DescFirst responder (such as fire, police, and emergency medical personnel) for a disaster or catastrophe.
Business Value Context (BVC)Communications and Continuity of Operations (COOP) are essential, so availability is extremely important. Integrity is needed to ensure that the correct data is being used for decision-making and communications, such as status updates and contact lists. Confidentiality is, relatively speaking, less important.

Technical Impact Scorecard

Modify dataSystem
Modify dataApplication
Modify dataNetwork
Modify dataEnterprise
Read dataSystem
Read dataApplication
Read dataNetwork
Read dataEnterprise
DoS: unreliable executionSystem
DoS: unreliable executionApplication
DoS: unreliable executionNetwork
DoS: unreliable executionEnterprise
DoS: resource consumptionSystem
DoS: resource consumptionApplication
DoS: resource consumptionNetwork
DoS: resource consumptionEnterprise
Execute unauthorized code or commandsSystem
Execute unauthorized code or commandsApplication
Execute unauthorized code or commandsNetwork
Execute unauthorized code or commandsEnterprise
Gain privileges / assume identitySystem
Gain privileges / assume identityApplication
Gain privileges / assume identityNetwork
Gain privileges / assume identityEnterprise
Bypass protection mechanismSystem
Bypass protection mechanismApplication
Bypass protection mechanismNetwork
Bypass protection mechanismEnterprise
Hide activitiesSystem
Hide activitiesApplication
Hide activitiesNetwork
Hide activitiesEnterprise
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